25 Beautiful Backyard Ponds With Waterfalls

By: Victoria Carter

25 Beautiful Backyard Ponds With Waterfalls

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One of the most powerful elements you can add to your landscaping is a water feature. Ponds with waterfalls bring a multi-sensory experience to your outdoor space by creating reflections, movement, and sound. They are an ideal solution for smaller properties that don't have space for a pool. Water is therapeutic for everyone and can bring nature closer to those who are confined at home, like the elderly or infirm. A pond can become the focal point of a yard or outdoor room, regardless of size.

In planning a pond with a waterfall or water feature, consider:

 Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of ponds and waterfalls with these 25 stunning designs.

01 Urban Pond

02 Statue Water Feature

03 Philly Fish Pond

04 Pond-Friendly Plants

05 Woodland Setting

06 Stone Wall Pond

07 Floating Pathway

08 Hillside Waterfall

09 Living Room with a View

10 Front Yard Pond

11 Natural Flow

12 Koi Pond

13 Architectural Pond

14 Vessel Feature

15 Canadian Waters

16 Lovely Landscaping

17 Lily Pads

18 Petite Pond

19 Water Walls

20 Angel of the Water

21 Patioscape

22 Fish in a Small Pond

23 Courtyard Pond

24 DIY Pond

25 Illuminated

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