About Victoria Carter


My name is Victoria Carter and I GUARANTEE my services to you!  My Guarantees demonstrate that I do my best to make sure that you get the best services, the best price, and that you don't get stuck with owning more than one house at a time!  (Not unless you want to of course!)  Contact me, and I will tell you about my unbelievable GUARANTEES to you!  

I am educated not only in Real Estate Sales, but in Property Law, Residential and Commercial Sales, Property investments, and Property Appraisal.  I have much experience as well in Property Management as I was a superintendent for a large townhouse complex, but I am also an investment owner and have tenants in my own properties. 

I am also educated in Interior Decoration and Design, and I own an internet based business with my brother, and use these skills when I am marketing and advertising your home. 
A little bit more about me:

By the the time I reached the age of 20, I had already moved over 35 times in my life.  I know all about the stresses of moving and am very familiar with the process of finding a good place to live. 
When I was the age of 20, I studied Interior Design and Decoration in a college in London, Ontario.  I worked in the field for a short time before I specified my interests into the field of set design through theatre Arts.  I have used all of my knowledge in both fields and have staged and flipped numerous homes because of it! 
I own several investment properties in the Pickering, Ajax and Whitby areas.  I believe in hard work and doing your homework, and definitely spend the time with each of my clients teaching them a lot of what I know so that they too can get ahead. 

It seems that everyone in my immediate family is also in Real Estate.  My father was a successful Realtor in Edmonton, Alberta, and my Mother was a successful Broker in Louisianna right up until the time Hurricane Rita stole her house from her, my partner Kirk Rickman is obviously in Real estate, Kirk's sister in Florida is a Realtor, and my brother's wife is also in real estate!   

* CENTURY 21 Awards Criteria

2019 - Masters Emerald
2018 - Masters Emerald
2017 - Masters Silver
2016 - Masters Ruby
2015 - Masters Ruby
2014 - Masters Ruby
2013 - Masters Ruby
2012 - Masters Emerald
2011 - Masters Ruby
2010 - Masters Diamond